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0 comments | Monday, June 4, 2007

With the enormous success of the iPod and other iPod related consumer gadgets, its no surprise that Apple is now considering entering the massive world of mobile phones. Apple first danced to the tune of the mobile phone industry when it tangoed with Motorolla and incorporated the not-so-very-user-friendly iTunes software on new Motorolla Mobile Phones. Rumours of Apple’s mobile phone initiative have been intensifying recently and the circulation of photos over the Internet, like the ones below, only confirm these rumours.

If the phone looks anything like it does in these photos…sold! Click on them to have a clear view of the models and dont envy..just buy it.Known to be a freak for mobile phones in addition to electronic and digital gadgets, i’ll definately buy myself one of these. Slim, slick, classy, with all the functions of an iPod and a mobile phone.

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